What’s next for the Crawley Inn?

It is our intention to protect and enhance the character of Crawley Village and retain the heritage design aspects of the Foxburrow Lane area.

Retaining the site as a Pub was not an economically viable option as a business is not an option and besides, the village also already benefits from a wonderful pub, The Lamb Inn. Our plans include sensitively restoring and converting the historic Crawley Inn Pub building using traditional building materials and architectural style to deliver three new homes. Opposite the current building, the car park provides an excellent opportunity to deliver 5 new homes following the same design principles.

Our plans for Crawley Inn

We plan to fully restore and convert the former pub into three new homes following the three distinct parts of the building. Returning the exterior of the building to its historic Cotswold character and retaining the natural stone walls and stone roof tiling.

There were many side additions to the building (many of them not legally permitted) and in fact, during the fire this caused a problem as the fire brigade couldn’t access the back of the premises.

As you come in from Hailey into Crawley along Foxburrow Lane this old pub building, and the car park isn’t particularly welcoming and creates a feeling of neglect. Our plans include a landscaped area around the pub for the future residents and creating a picturesque addition to this part of the village and ensuring that it is in keeping with the rest of the village.

Our plans for the Car Park

Opposite the Crawley Inn is the former car park, which over the years has become a bit of an eyesore. We want to make the best use of the former car park and deliver five new homes. Four new cottages will be alongside Foxburrow Lane, and the fifth, a larger family home, will be set back further from the road almost opposite the historic Crawley Inn building.

These new homes will match the homes on Foxburrow Lane as you enter the village. The existing drystone wall on the side of Foxburrow Lane will be retained with small front gardens creating separation from the road. Parking for the four cottages will be located to the rear.

Access to the new homes will be retained from the existing access point for the pub car park, with parking provided for all new homes as well as parking for the new homes replacing Crawley Inn pub. We intend to provide suitable parking as parking on Foxburrow Lane can be difficult to find. We will also introduce safety measures to ensure that the new residents can get safely in and out without making Foxburrow Lane dangerous.

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